Table Of Contents

The Best Supplements For Your Health
Donald P. Goldberg, R.Ph.
Arnold Gitomer, R.Ph.
and Robert Abel, Jr., M.D.
Twin Streams, Kensington Publishing Corp. 2002

Acknowledgements ix
Foreword xi
Preface xv
How to Use this book xix

Part One: How to Choose and use Supplements

Chapter One: Why Take Supplements, 3
Reasons for Taking Supplements, 4
Are Supplements Really Necessary? 10
Why Not Just Eat Right? 11
Chapter Two: How to Choose the Right Supplement, 16
Step One: Choosing the Right Type of Supplement, 17
Step Two: Considering Your Unique Health Requirements, 29
Step Three: Choosing Which Brand to Purchase, 34
Step Four: Putting It All Together, 45
Chapter Three: How to Use Supplements, 53
When to Take Supplements, 53
How Often to Take Supplements, 55
Storing Supplements, 55
Storing Oils and Probiotic Supplements, 56
Side Effects, Interactions, and Toxicity, 57
Subtle Misinformation, 59
When Not to Take Supplements, 62
Chapter Four: Too Good to Be True? 63
What a Deal! Or Is It? 63
Something to Hide? 64
Multilevel Marketing or Pyramid Schemes, 64
Radio Infomercials, 66
Grow Your vitamins?, 68
What’s That Smell?, 69
Why Does It Fizz? 70
Just the Facts, Please, 71
Fluff, 72
Unregulated Dietary Supplements and Hidden Ingredients, 73

Part Two: A Supplement Encyclopedia

Chapter Five: Individual Nutrients and Herbs, 79
Chapter Six: Combination Remedies, 303
Appendix A: Vitamins: Historical Comparison of RDIs, RDAs, and DRIs, 1968 to Present, 399
Appendix B: Minerals: Historical Comparison of RDIs, RDAs, and DRIs, 1968 to Present, 401
Appendix C: Resource List, 403
For More Information, 409
Index, 413

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